Wim Vos Automatisering

Freelance Systeembeheer in Velp/Arnhem

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Specialised in:

  • Firewall maintenance, Installing company firewall in your network to prevent unwanted trafic including maintenance (preventing unwanted adds from your network)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) advice and installation
  • Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) for web- sites and shops
  • Individual Computer help and maintenance
  • Private Cloud systems on your own server.
  • For immediate problems: Help desk and FAQ
  • Education, training with understandable explanations
  • Webshops, Websites with maximum visitors and maintenance

As your reliance on cloud technologies increases, it might be time to think about bringing your cloud infrastructure in-house.

For companies

Wim Vos Automatisering is a professional freelance system administrator for medium-sized and smaller organizations (SMEs) based in the Netherlands and the UK, for which the full-time employment of a system administrator is not feasible. With the current low exchange rate of GBP I can be a better deal than a British based company.

It is important however, to have direct professional knowledge on hand, if only to know which updates to install, and which definitely not. Why the printer does not work, how to best make use of the Cloud, and many other questions. For these situations, I am your independent freelance system administrator solution.

I do the overall system maintenance largely remote. For specific hardware problems I visit your office. I am specialist in Ubuntu, Windows. and Joomla CMS, Specifically, the safety of your network, e-mail, working in the Cloud etc. Keep your computer system running smoothly. It is likely your most important business tool overall.

Freelance Systeembeheer

For private individualshandschuden

Also I can fix your Windows 7, 8 or 10,Linux computer or laptop to get it working just as efficiently as if you just bought it.

I can fix your computer if it react "strange", perform virus removal and check virus prevention programs. Even if your computer failed altogether I can usually fix it or at least rescue valuable data.

Also, I can advise you on how to keep hackers out. Provide information about a Firewall. I can advise you about multimedia, your photos, ADSL, inform you over "the Cloud". Prevention and cure of RSI complaints and what question you have on your computer. How to easily create your own website or to set up a successful on-line web store.

And if your computer shows only a blue screen almost always I can get that important data and saved photos from your hard drive and install it all over again. The good thing is that most computer repairs can be done remotely via the internet without the need for software to be installed.